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Replacement Cooling Tower Parts & Supplies for Most Makes of Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers and Fluid Cooler.

Cooling Tower Products is Phoenix’s leading manufacturer and direct supplier for all of your cooling tower needs. Products we produce, supply, and install in the Valley of the Sun. We manufacture parts for all makes and models of cooling towers.

Since 1975 Cooling Tower Products has been specializing in aftermarket sales for everything needed to for cooling towers in the whole Phoenix valley. Having been in business for over 40 years we have accumulated a thorough knowledge of cooling tower information. This can prove invaluable when cross referencing both current and obsolete towers for repairs and replacement parts.

Cooling Tower Parts
P.V.C. Fill
Drift Eliminators
Heavy Duty Eliminators
Counter Flow Fill Replacement Media
Cross Flow Fill Media

Tower Seal
Electronic Float Valves
Cooling Tower Nozzles
Evaporative Cooling Media
Air Intake Louvers

Cooling Tower Parts & Products

Cooling tower motors, louvers and castings, bolting hardware, drift eliminators, nozzles, fire protection, and vibration switches.

Cooling Tower Sealants

Specifically Designed for Cooling Towers, Easy to Mix, Premeasured, Self Leveling, Available in 1 and 5 Gallon Buckets and Caulking Tubes

Fill Media Sizes

Crossflow Cooling Tower Fill Media, Counterflow Cooling Tower Fill Media, Low-Fouling Fill Media, Cross Corrugated Fill Media, and More

Drift Eliminators

Fully Stocked with Cellular Drift Eliminators, Heavy Duty Drift Eliminators, Blade Drift Eliminators, and More

Cooling Tower Nozzles

Crossflow Cooling Tower Nozzles and Counterflow Cooling Tower Nozzles – Spray Nozzles, Metering Orifices, and End Caps for Distribution Pipes

Air Inlet Louvers

Air Inlet Louvers, Louver Panels, Casting Panels, O.E.M. Size Panels, Galv, Stainless, PVC frames, Loose Insert, and Refill Sections

Electronic Float Valves

These Float Valves help to Ensure a Long Life for your Cooling Tower with a Very Small Amount of Maintenance by Regulating Make-Up Water

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