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New Cooling Towers Manufacturer Phoenix | Build & Design Cooling Towers

design induced draft cooling towers phoenix az Cooling Tower Products is a Manufacturers
Representative for The Cooling Tower Company, L.C.; a
premiere Manufacturer of high quality Counter Flow
cooling towers.

Series TCI Cooling Towers
cooling towers

We provide exclusive representation for TCTC in the following territories:

cooling tower building phoenix az

New Cooling Towers Nevada
Contact: Chad Barrett

cooling tower supplier az
New Cooling Towers Arizona
Contact: Bo Putko

High Efficiency Fans
Aluminum Blades
Gear Drives
Power Belt Drive

Distribution System
2:1 Turn Down
Low ^P Head
Side Inlet
Bottom Inlet

Fill and Drift Eliminator
High Efficiency Fill
Easily Inspected
Large Access Doors
0.001% - 0.002% Drift

Cellular Inlet Louvers
Minimize Sunlight
Minimize Splash-Out

Fully Welded Basins
Leak Tested At Factory
Sloped For Proper Drainage

Materials of Construction
Basin - Stainless Steel - Galvanized
Structure - Stainless Steel - Galvanized
Casing - Stainless Steel - Galvanized

Maintenance Platform With Ladder
Vibration Switch
Basin Heater
Brass Fill Valve
cooling tower design manufacturing

Standard Designs Fit Most Applications
Front Inlet and Outlet
One Basin on 2 and 3 Cell Towers
Common Outlet on Multicell Towers
Installs Quickly

the cooling tower company cooling tower manufacturer

Custom Designs For Difficult Site Requirements
Arrangements Over In-Ground Concrete Basins
Bottom Inlet and Outlet
Match Existing Steel On Retrofit Applications
Match Existing Piping
Modular Designs For Helicopter Lifts
cooling tower being built

cooling tower design diagram

contact cooling tower products phoenix 602-268-1584