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New Cooling Towers Manufacturer Phoenix | Build & Design Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Products is a Manufacturer’s Representative for The Cooling Tower Company, L.C.; a premiere Manufacturer of high quality Counter Flow cooling towers.

Series TCI Cooling Towers

We provide exclusive representation for TCTC in Arizona & Nevada.

High Efficiency Fans

  • Aluminum Blades
  • Gear Drives
  • Power Belt Drive

Distribution System

  • 2:1 Turn Down
  • Low ^P Head
  • Side Inlet
  • Bottom Inlet

Fill and Drift Eliminators

  • High Efficiency Fill
  • Easily Inspected
  • Large Access Doors
  • 0.001% – 0.002% Drift

Cellular Inlet Louvers

  • Minimize Sunlight
  • Minimize Splash-Out

Materials of Construction

  • Basin – Galvanized/Stainless Steel
  • Structure – Galvanized/Stainless Steel
  • Casing – Galvanized/Stainless Steel


  • Maintenance Platform With Ladder
  • Vibration Switch
  • Basin Heater
  • Brass Fill Valve

Standard Designs

  • Fits Most Applications
  • Front Inlet and Outlet
  • One Basin on 2 and 3 Cell Towers
  • Common Outlet on Multicell Towers
  • Installs Quickly

Fully Welded Basins

  • Leak Tested At Factory
  • Sloped For Proper Drainage

Represented States

New Cooling Towers Nevada
Contact: Chad Barrett

New Cooling Towers Arizona
Contact: Bo Putko

Custom Designs For Difficult Site Requirements

Arrangements Over In-Ground Concrete Basins • Bottom Inlet and Outlet • Match Existing Steel On Retrofit Applications • Match Existing Piping • Modular Designs For Helicopter Lifts

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