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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators | Cooling Tower Products Arizona 602-268-1584

Detailed Evaluations & Inspections

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will come to your site and perform a detailed oriented and quality inspection of all of the exterior and interior components of your building’s cooling tower. Once the inspection is complete you will receive a detailed inspection report. If there are any repairs needed our experts can help you find cost effective and affordable ways to handle the repairs and provide proposals to get the work done.

Cooling Tower Repairs

With over 40 years of knowledge and backing up our cooling tower knowledge base we have the experience and expertise to handle any cooling tower repair. That includes any model or manufacturer design including, wood field erected, metal package, and fiberglass cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Our trained and experienced technicians have the ability to maintain all of the components that make your cooling tower perform as it should. That includes Gear Boxes, Motors, Shaft Alignment, Fan Assemblies, and Water Distribution Systems.

Our maintenance professionals are able to conduct your maintenance to fit your needs and the loads your cooling tower is under. We offer any schedule you want but people like to schedule monthly, quarterly and annually.

Cooling Tower Cleanings

We provide cleaning and pressure washing of all of the interior and exterior components. That includes exterior casings, piping systems, hot water decks, nozzles, fill media, and cold water basins.

Cooling Tower Coatings

Our expert technicians specialize in removing rust, debris, and corrosion from your cooling towers. Then they re-galvanize the tower and apply a polyurethane coating which cures into an elastomeric membrane. That membrane is what provides an impermeable layer to water, acid compositions, and many aqueous alkalis.

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