Written by Brian B

Sump Pump Float Switch Types

Sump pump float switches were designed for use within home basements. A sump pit is a basin or container that collects any water that enters the home in the event of an unfortunate flooding situation. The sump pump will be alerted by the float switch, which causes it to begin pumping and pushing water away from the home.

If you are searching for “sump pump float switch types“, we’re here to highlight the three different models.

How Do Float Switches Work?

You might not realize this, but millions of homes are saved each year by float switches placed in areas where flooding can occur. These switches help to avoid extensive damage that can be caused by flooding. As the water levels rise within the sump pump, float switches send alerts to the pump to start pushing water outwards, away from the home.

While float switches work well, they will not last forever. That is why whenever you choose a sump pump you have to make sure it comes with a replaceable float switch. The float switch is an important and essential part of any drainage system.

Three Float Switch Types

These are the three float switch types that come with sump pumps:

  • Tethered Float Switches
  • Vertical Action Float Switches
  • Diaphragm Floatless Switches

Tethered Float Switches

Tethered float switches use a suspended float. Although this float switch is very popular, it does lead to the most issues of any of the three models. Often found within a pedestal sump pump, these switches are very common today. When a flood occurs, the water will cause the float to rise, which activates the switch. One common issue with these models is the presence of dirt. Dirt that is trapped in and around the switch will cause it to sink and not be accurate.

Vertical Action Float Switches

There are a few upsides when choosing vertical action float switches. They are more efficient than tethered floats and less expensive than diaphragm switches. This switch features a floating ball on the surface. Whenever water levels increase, the ball will rise too. When the sump pit reaches a certain level, it activates the switch. This will then automatically start the sump pump.

Diaphragm Floatless Switch

Compared to the other two switches, this is a very unique model. It is unique in the fact that it does not float whatsoever. With this switch, the sump pump is sensitive to water pressure where it is placed. Whenever the water level rises, it increases the water pressure. The switch is alerted to this by being curved or hollowed inwards.

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