Cooling Tower Cleaning
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Cooling Tower Cleaning

If you are searching for “cooling tower cleaning” or “cooling tower maintenance” in Arizona, Cooling Tower Products is here to help!

Cooling Tower Cleanings

Typically, a cooling tower cleaning will include the following three services:

  • Acid Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Dispersant Cleaning

The acid cleaning is performed to remove any rust from building up inside the tower. Disinfection is used for bacteria control and Legionella risk-abatement. Lastly, dispersant cleaning will loosen deposits and strip biofilm at the same time.

*Make sure all towers are thoroughly inspected and cleared of any debris before any cleaning service gets underway. 

Cooling Tower Cleaning Cost

On average, a typical cooling tower cleaning project will cost $10,000. Projects will range from $5,000-$15,000, according to HOH Water Technology.  Costs will vary based on a few factors, including the size/complexity of the systems and amount of remediation needed.

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Cooling Tower Products Cleaning Services

Cooling Tower Products, serving Arizona, provides cleaning and pressure washing of all interior and exterior cooling tower components. These components include fill media, cold water basins, nozzles, hot water decks, exterior casings and piping systems.

So why should you invest in cooling tower cleaning services? Well, towers that receive regular cleanings/maintenance have been shown to be more energy efficient. Ensuring that your tower runs at top performance will save on energy consumption and help manage overhead costs.

Find more information on Cooling Tower Products’ services right here.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips

Cooling Tower Products - Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips

The following cooling tower maintenance tips are simple and can help you save up to 15% on the costs of electricity:

  • Inspect the unit and having listened to it, take note of any noises that seem unusual to use as a baseline for any potential issues that may arise.
  • Follow the recommended and proper lock out procedures and disconnect motor switches before the commencement of any hands-on work. This is to ensure your safety.
  • Having made an inspection of the strainers cleaning debris from them will help to maintain excess materials from infiltrating the system.
  • Conduct an inspection of the water distribution system and check for dry areas over the fill coil section to increase system capacity by avoiding scale build up.If the surface is not fully wetted, check the nozzles for clogs and cracks.
  • Flush debris and dirt through the sump strainer or tower drain from the cold water basin to keep dirt from accumulating and to ensure maintenance of water filtration.
  • Find the appropriate predetermined water level by checking the makeup water supply. This will reduce air entrainment and conserves water.
  • As per the evaporation and local water quality regulations where you live, adjust the bleed rate to prevent the accumulation of solid mater in what that is being recirculated.
  • Optimal performance of the belt drive system is reliant upon any tension problems being properly addressed and fixed.
  • Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for assuring reliable service by routinely checking the oil quantity, oil level and shaft alignment for a gear drive system.
  • Every three months at a minimum, lubricate the bearings of fan shafts to ensure proper operation. You can eliminate the need for monthly bearing maintenance with the installation of bearing greasers that are automatic. This is an easy task to perform.

Cooling Tower Installation, Replacement, & Refurbishment in Arizona & Nevada

Our team offers complete cooling tower refurbishment that will save your company tens of thousands of dollars over buying and installing new cooling towers.  Cooling tower refurbishment and rebuilding adds about another 15 years of life to your equipment and helps you get your money’s worth out of your original investment in your cooling tower or property. We offer cooling tower installation, replacement, and refurbishment in Arizona and Nevada. We also sell other cooling tower parts and products.

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